Route Cochin

Route Cochin is an online magazine published from Kochi, a port city and an emerging metropolis at the southern end of India. The magazine delves deep into the history and culture of Kochi, through stories unearthing its eventful past, exploring the interesting juncture the city is at today and envisaging the days to come.

An extensive research is a major part of the making process of every story. We believe in investing time and effort in research to create content-rich and compelling stories. Along with books and other academic sources, oral history and cultural artefacts form an integral part of our research process.

Stories As Experiences

We try to present a story as a deeply engaging read and a seamless visual experience. Every story is as an immersive experience where visual and auditory elements are gracefully woven into the text content. The stories are detailed and in-depth. We create a space where the reader / viewer can linger over the story and get to know its various sensory dimensions.

Our magazine focuses on the history and culture of our home city, Kochi. Our content creation process is an intimate affair - we travel a lot within the city for our stories and the people of Cochin are an essential part of this process. Over the years, we have forged a strong bond with city. This close connection enables us to do what we do.

Documenting Culture

Kochi has an eventful past that created a unique cultural fabric for the city. The nuances and intricacies of this fabric are fading away with time and our stories are an attempt to document the cultural heritage of the city, especially the intangible cultural heritage. The relevance of this cultural discourse goes well beyond the boundaries of Kochi.

Much thought and analysis goes into designing the user experience for every story. The written text and the visual elements are wedded together with great care to create unified experiences. Though digital media is our primary tool for story telling at the moment, we do projects that employ varied media and unconventional ways of storytelling like exhibitions and public installations and projections. We depict the stories on various surfaces - digital, print and physical spaces.

Kochi is a port city with a unique social and cultural fabric. Over the course of thousands of years, people from many parts of the world made this city their home and, strand by strand, created a multicultural land embellished with historical gems.

As we get to know Kochi more and more, we are amazed by the richness and diversity of this treasure trove of stories. Being a fast growing metropolis, life in Kochi is increasingly being discussed in terms of its popular culture and often, this new image overshadows the unique cultural identity of the city. As a way to look at and understand the city in a new light, we present the stories from three simple perspectives - Stories from the Past, Stories of the Present and Stories on the Future. Each category is a space defined by time, for exploring stories on a wide variety of topics. Deviating from the traditional categorisation models and adopting a new route is an attempt to look beyond what is peripheral and traverse deep into the city.